Oral presentations and posters. At register, the author must indicate the work group he is linked to.
Work register: oral presentation and poster
The work groups will provide Master and Doctorate students and History, Humanities and Social Sciences Master and Doctorate researchers opportunities for oral presentations of their researches on indigenous issues.
Poster presentations will be considered researches if they have essays, studies, final and partial results and if the authors are Undergraduate or Postgraduate (Specialization) students who are supervised by university professor (PIBIC, monography and research Project volunteer participation).
Obs. Guidelines for model, methodology and size of posters are available on our website.


  1. Author and co-author must be registered in the event.
  2. Participants (oral and poster presentation) must register one work only, be it as author or co-author, unless when co-authors are undergraduate supervisors (poster presentation) or postgraduate supervisors (oral presentations). Supervisors need to register only once.
  3. Supervisors who are not mentioned in the abstracts as co-authors must register his/her work in the institutional scope in footnotes, even if the work is concluded.
  4. Co-authors must be registered according to the categories.
  5. No work signed by two authors will be accepted.


At register, abstracts must be submitted and, once they are accepted by the board for each WG, they will be published on the website as abstract notebook and will be available on the first day of the event. The texts will be submitted after the acceptance only.
The annals of the event will be available on the website.


The Works must present results of scientific and / or extension researches (experiences performed by professor, researchers, undergraduate and postgraduate students and other professionals). Works must be presented with abstract and full texts, following these specifications:


Abstracts must have title in capital bold letters, followed by author’s name, co-author’s name, in any, underlined name of the presenter, institution, financing and e-mail. The text must be written in single space, 10 font size, with up to 25 lines, using Word for Windows text editor, Time New Roman font, 3cm margins, no citations and references, justified, in single text block, without paragraph or blank lines. Abstracts must have: introduction, development, main results or conclusions. At the end, the thematic axis in which the work fits must be indicated.


The full texts must have 08 to 12 pages, and must be built as follows: a) Title: capital letters, bold (Times New Roman), size 12, centralized alignment b) Name of author: aligned to the right, name of presenter underlined. Example: SURNAME, Name; c) Institutional bond: University Institution, Secretary of Education, school, or research agency to which authors are linked. Aligned to the right, no bold; d) E-mail: aligned to the right, no bold. Text must have introduction, development, final considerations or conclusions and references following ABNT standards. At the end indicate the thematic axis in which it fits. The source of the work should be (Times New Roman), font size 12, sheet A4, and line spacing 1.5. Upper margin of 3cm; lower, 2cm; left, 3 cm, right, 2 cm. Do not use footnotes. For references within the text use the ABNT standards.